Sam Call Productions is a company centered on the arts; creating, developing,
managing and sponsoring art events. The art of photography, the art of
painting, the art of writing, the art of wine and the art of food, all stimulate and
reward our senses. All of us at Sam Call Productions love the arts and making
events happen that include the arts and are shared with others have turned
work into pleasure.
cred to Greg Newington
credit to Srah Valentine
Australian Adventure
2012 Chef Challenge

Sam Call Productions

Sam Call Productions has developed the Australian Photography Adventures  
featuring the Internationally award-winning photographer
Greg Newington that
takes eager photographers on a unique photography 10-day training class

Australian Photographic Adventures

If you appreciate the “Iron Chef” competitions then you will love the King of the
Mountain Chef’s Challenge.  Each year four chef’s compete in a one-on-one,
“Iron Chef” competition in which two chef’s face off and once the Mystery
Ingredients are announced the chef’s have just forty minutes to prepare their
meal for the four guest judges. Points are awarded for taste, use of the mystery
ingredients, presentation and originality.  A four-course meal is served at the
conclusion of the event. You will not want to miss this culinary jewel.
Expanding our reach into the arts, Sam Call Productions is sponsoring the world
premier of Jake, a new play that is sure to make you laugh, think and cry.  This
unique play tells a tale about life from a dog’s eye; how he learned his values of
life and how he cares for his human pets.

JAKE, the Screen Play

Culinary Competition

The written word was the first love of Sam Call Productions and we continue with
that passion as we showcase the novels of author
Matthew Eberz  and his series
of novels that tell the story of bond between real soldiers, their families and the
causes they believe in.

The Novels of Matt Eberz